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Gift Ideas for Mom!

Mother's Day is right around the corner and we are faced with the age old question...what to get the mothers in your life?     succulent necklace: leaf small peperomia - annual $78 Amelanchier, Shadblow Serviceberry at Bordine's Native to Michigan and blooms in April Take your Mom to an art fair, spend the day shopping at Art Birmingham Saturday or Sunday! bronze ash seed earrings: bunch $76 gold vermeil twig earrings: hoop $138 Centerpiece Workshop: Willa Rose Floral + Held Ceramics on Saturday May 18 at 10:30am at POST Detroit $120 Labradorite + Silver Sedum pendent necklace -annual $216 willow bangles $110 / $78

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So far this year...

The year has flown by already! January started with a custom engagement ring, some recouping, then designing my Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.   February was a whirlwind stones arrived, collection launched and a trade show in Philadelphia. March came and went with studio time, indoor markets, and a trip to Colorado. April is shaping up to be some much needed studio time, planning, and family time!

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stone collection

For years, I have feared incorporating stones into my work.  This year I faced my fears and incorporated some color and variety into the new collection by adding five stones.  large labradorite   olive jade moonstone labradorite peridot These stones reflect the colors we see in nature: green plants, blue waters, and grey skies. I am obsessed with the large labradorite stone with its gold and teal flecks, it goes with every out fit and has become my go to necklace.  The form is simple enough for everyday, but still a great statement piece for nights out. You can't go wrong!

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